"Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision” - Muhammed Ali

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katana fighting rules

All fight matches and contests are conducted under the Official - KATANA FIGHTING Rules. Katana Fighting promotes contests in both -

• Stand-Up Fighting : KICKBOXING, and
• All-In Fighting : M.M.A. - Mixed Martial Arts.

Our rulesets are based on, and virtually identical to -

• Stand-Up: the UNIFIED Kickboxing Rules, i.e. GLORY, K-1, etc, and

• All-In: the GLOBAL MMA Rules, i.e. ONE F.C., DREAM, etc.

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katana fighting weight divisions


Featherweight : under 60kg

Lightweight : under 65kg

Welterweight : under 70kg

Middleweight : under 75kg

Light Heavyweight : under 85kg

Cruiserweight : under 95kg

Heavyweight : under 105kg

Super Heavyweight : Over 105kg



Featherweight : under 55kgs
Lightweight : under 60kgs
Welterweight : under 65kgs
Middleweight : under 70kgs
Light Heavyweight : under 80kgs
Heavyweight : Over 80kgs


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duncan airlie jAMES

duncan airlie jameKatana Fighting was founded in 2010, by Duncan Airlie James - Scotland's most well known and successful competitive prizefighter!


Duncan retired from competitive sport fighting at the end of 2006, as the most well known, and arguably most successful ever Scottish ring fighter ! He won SIX versions of World Thai and Kickboxing WORLD titles, and he is still the only Scotsman ever to have competed in the K-1 in Japan.


Duncan fought on many events all over the World - USA (5 times), Japan (3 times), Europe (5 times), New Zealand, Canada, and elsewhere, and he will always be fondly remembered as the tough, hardcore, honourable "Lion Rampant" in the tartan shorts, that he was.


After retiring from fighting competition, Duncan has gone on to become a professional actor, both for stage and screen, as well as strongly continuing his martial arts life. Please visit his website - www.duncanairliejames.co.uk